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TOOTSIE Cast Album

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Original Broadway cast recording. The album preserves David Yazbek's Tony-nominated score and the performances of the original Broadway cast, led by Tony nominee Santino Fontana as Michael Dorsey. Adapted from the 1982 film, Tootsie tells the story of a struggling actor who lands a job by adopting a female persona.

Track Listings
1 Overture
2 Opening Number
3 Whaddaya Do
4 What's Gonna Happen
5 I Won't Let You Down
6 I'm Alive
7 There Was John
8 I Like What She's Doing
9 Who Are You
10 What's Gonna Happen (Reprise)
11 Unstoppable
12 Entr'cte
13 Jeff Sums It Up
14 Gone, Gone, Gone
15 Who Are You?
16 This Thing
17 Whaddaya Do (Reprise)
18 The Most Important Night
19 Talk To Me Dorothy
20 Arrivederci!
21 Michael's Reprise